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Every picture tells a story. When presenting to a jury, visuals can make or break your case. At Courtroom Visuals, Inc., we understand the impact multi-media presentations can have on a case. As one of the first companies of its kind, Courtroom Visuals is a pioneer in the creation of computer graphics for use in the courtroom. 


Our Expertise

Since 1991, Atlanta-area attorneys have relied on Courtroom Visuals to provide courtroom graphics for over 5,000 cases on time and on budget. Our team of experts specialize in computer graphics, video, photography, multi-media/trial technologies and 3-D animation/models.


Our Value

Research shows juries retain significantly more of a case complimented by visual demonstrations. Even though the graphics are designed to assist the jury, judges also appreciate the presentations to help explain the facts and can reduce trial time. Courtroom Visuals will work with you to create the multi-media presentation your case needs to succeed.

Our Commitment

At Courtroom Visuals, we will partner with you to create the right visual presentation for your case. As Atlanta's most reliable and experienced trial presentation provider, you can depend on Courtroom Visuals to deliver on time and on Budget.

Our Staff

Dirk van Rees

After graduating from Utah State University I worked in the corporate world for a number of years before striking out on my own.


I started Courtroom Visuals out of my home in 1991. My first client was a well-known premises liability plaintiffs’ attorney. I built a model of a sewer pipe for trial and my client dropped a Barbie doll down the man hole repeatedly for the jury. The visual of watching the scale doll fall down the sewer over and over again obviously had an impact on the jury because they awarded a sizeable verdict at the end of the case. There were two defense attorneys representing the property owner and construction company, both of whom later hired me to build scale models for them. To this day, all three of those original clients still use us for trial support work and all of their visual needs! 

Dan Codman

Dan Codman studied for a year at Hartford Art School before graduating with a degree in psychology from Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC. Upon graduation, Dan immediately went to work with Dirk at Courtroom Visuals. For over 25 years now, he has been assisting lawyers to make their presentations more visually persuasive and compelling. In that time, he has personally worked on over 600 case ranging from personal injury to premises liability to medical malpractice. He now manages all the graphic production at Courtroom Visuals as well as the multi-media department. Dan also has extensive experience as a Trial Technician sitting in the "hot seat" supporting attorney's at trial with their technical and visual needs.

In his spare time, Dan enjoys spending time with his family and working outside in the yard. He lives in Atlanta with his wife Amy and their three children, Eliot, Oliver and Bodie.

Steve Pace

Steve started as a production artist creating 3-D animations and movie trailers for the film and broadcast industry in 1992 before joining the team at Courtroom Visuals in 1996.  Providing an array of graphic solutions for mediation and courtroom presentation, he has produced a long list of quality simulations including mechanical operation, environmental impact and accident reconstructions.
Along with 2 animations receiving International Film Awards,  Steve's background also includes Degrees in Visual Communication and Electronic Technology,  and a Microsoft Certified System Engineer since 1998.

Chip Davis

Charles Davis (Chip) graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  Shortly thereafter, he moved to Atlanta and began working in the transportation industry.  It was here that he developed his skills as an application and database programmer.

His career with Courtroom Visuals Inc. began in 2002 by developing the second generation of our web site, and has grown to where he is involved in the majority of our projects.  "I'm a natural problem solver and I've always liked to tinker. These skills are put to great use here at Courtroom Visuals."  His background in database programming has enabled him to effectively manage our multi-media work.

Chip is our go to man, so to speak, when it comes to operating our in-court presentations.  Whether we are downtown at the Federal Court House or anywhere in the South East, he will do whatever it takes to help our clients.

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